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08/03/2016 03:01:03 PM



Brian Stoddard

  a place in Portland OR

Greens Farms
Liberty Bell?

Cool Eclipse shot in Philomath, OR. A tripod does help!





1) Class Reunion Photography

2) 8mm Film to DVD  (brochure)

3) Photo, Tape, Film to DVD

Estimated $ cost:

film & video transfer service calc

If you do not have Microsoft Excel, Print out the Price list, and
print this PDF version of the film calc form above >click here<

4) Video | Video plus Audio

5) You-tube postings



Celebrations of

Horse events

Birthday Parties 103 yr old or any age

Sports and training videos

Graduation activities

Band recitals,
Piano Recitals, Guitar Recital,

Self promotion videos

Rock of
Blues Music, Folk, Concerts - small venue

Guitar solo performance at clubs or pizza parlors or Wineries

Belly dance event or individual belly dancer performance.

New age

Book author chapter development sessions

8mm and Super 8mm film to DVD

You-tube authoring and posting on my site or yours

Video editing

computer training (computer training videos)...

Oregon Morgan Classic 2011 DVD